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Workforce Development Sector


In developing our strategy to engage the youth and young adults as it relates to preparing them to be career-orientated, we felt LCM had to think outside of the box. In doing so, we believe that we don’t want to just train them in career skills, job readiness and professionalism. Our organization wants to be able to place them in internships, jobs and companies that offer a fulfilling career. SO THIS IS WHAT WE CAME UP WITH!

Through our partner organizations that operates specifically in the international development sector, we have an opportunity to offer U.S. based Internships, Work Study and Careers in the re-development of foreign countries. We believe that these current opportunities in the Caribbean will assist in bridging the gap in cultural nuances and provide a participants with a fresh prospective of applying their disciplines on an international scale. Furthermore, this will keep jobs here on U.S. soil.

Prospective Opportunities Overseas:

  • Architecture/Engineering

  • Civil Engineering

  • World Languages

  • Internship/Exchange

  • Health & Human Sciences

Prospective Opportunities Overseas:

  • Agriculture

  • Business Development

  • Self-sufficient Training

  • Solar Energy Engineering

  • Sustainable Energy

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