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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)

Interactive curriculum encompassed by hands on evironmental, areospace and engineering projects. We teach our participants to address various issues within our society. Our goal is to evoke a constant critical thinking process, which is transferable to education and professional development.


  1. Aerospace

  2. Design

  3. Ecology

  4. Agriculture

  5. Environmental

  6. Mechanical

  7. Cyber


We use our tutoring program has a prerequisite to our STEM activities. While tutoring is not a requirement for STEM, LCM strongly recommends this component to our families. We believe this will not only assist in general academic achievement, but with interpetation of the STEM curriculum as well.




  1. Math

  2. Reading

  3. Science

  4. Homework Assistance

3D/Concept Design

This Component allows our students to be interactive with technology to create conceptual/massing structures. This activity is very basic and adaptable to the interest of most children that participate in our program.

Male Mentoring
"Boys to Men, Men to Soldiers"
Female Mentoring
"Building a Foundation for a Young Woman's Destiny"

Our male mentoring program that is divided into 4 age groups (ages 4-8, ages 9-12, ages 13-15 and ages 16-19). We address these different age groups separately so that we can tailor our counsel and instruction to their current mind-sets, as we do understand that there are different topics relevant at each age level.

To educate and prepare girls for a lifetime of self-respect and healthy living through God’s teaching. Teaching life and interpersonal skills that ultimately will create stronger male-female relationships, successful marriages, and healthier communities.


This component has separated 3-11 year old girls (Part 1); 12-17 year old girls (Part 2). The girl’s component will include, but is not limited to; provide guidance and mentoring, guiding girls and pre-teens through the physical changes they will experience and offering a game plan to help them get on the road to a successful future.


Family Intervention
"Social/Emotional Intervention & Resources for Family Growth"

We will provide workshops on household and financial management to strengthen couples and single-parent families. Other sessions will cover conflict resolution and effective parenting. These sessions will be available monthly through our outreach into the target program regions.

"Innovation to Community Development" Program Components


Our premiere program "Innovation to Community Development" is comprised of several program components that assist in bolstering the development of our After School participants. We have no desire to be a typical after school organization that offers a snack and homework assistance . To that end, we have implemented a multi-facet program to our participants/students that each one may reach high educational, personal and professional achievement in their life's journey.

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