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Our Initiatives 


Largo Community Ministries has shifted to various intiatives to be in "lock-step" with innovative - transformative community development concepts.We believe in retroactively improving all areas of the organization that will agument our afforts to create a futuristic, sustainable and 21st century environment for our constituents.

21st Century Learning


There is undoubtedly a shift in the training needed to enter in today’s workforce. The innovation of technology, transformation to automation and evolution of human standards calls for a higher level of proficiency that must be obtained in earlier stages of education. Various industry trends and educators, including our own After-School Program teachers, concur with the statistics in which local and national employers do not believe U.S. adolescents are ready for the workforce or prepared to compete with adolescents from competitive nations.


The area’s where developing children are more susceptible to becoming deficient are; math, science and technology. Furthermore, students are not aware of the growing presence and need for foreign language fluency. Fluency in learning a foreign language will bring forth effective communication, ability to understand cultural differences and assist in bridging the gap between cultural nuances.We have long-term objectives that include the expansion of structured STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) activities by procuring innovative technology and unparalleled delivery concepts. We want to expand our program to “Title I” Schools across the East Coast.

Facility Expansion & Capital Development
Phase 1


LCM is proposing a new Technology & Learning lab for 2015. We will use this new lab to carry-out our workforce development initiatives, STEM program component and training initiatives. Facility Development concepts that encompass the use of interactive technology, alternative energy use and cross-functional space utilization. With futuristic design concepts, we propose site adaptable ideas that improve programmatic functions.


The features of the prospective Technology & Learning Center are:


  • State-of-the-art Technology

  • Mini Science Lab Stations

  • Contemporary Design/Material

  • Reading & Math

  • Learning Stations

  • Job Training & Career Skills

  • Use of Renewable Energy Sources

  • College Level Work Study

  • New Computers & Software

  • Effective Space Utilization

Project Revitalization & Economic Development


We achieve the beautification and revitalization of surrounding economically distressed neighborhoods by executing various community projects annually. We seek to improve mobility in our communities by leveraging public/private resources and forging strategic collaborations.

Sustainable Environment


We have identified that there is a growing need for a more grassroots transfer of advanced sustainable technology, improved education, training delivery systems, and innovative “out-of-box” economic development initiatives that are integrated and cross all local demographics, and harass the resources of small localized, and community-based private-public sector collaborations that can provide critical linkages to international resources, address our diverse local neighborhoods within Prince George's County in general and our surrounding economically distressed community specifically. Using the latest and appropriate sustainable technologies is only appropriate in the expansion of any LCM facility.

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