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The Beginning 


Our organization formed in 2009, after identifying a growing need for immediate youth development intervention. LCM Corporation's headquarters is positioned in Prince George's County Maryland at a donated 3,000 sq ft. facility space donated to the organization through a long-term commitment. Largo Community Ministries, formed by our founder Pastor Jack Morris, was initially intended to solely provide After School services to the immediate community. Our After School program initially started with 9 participants, with a stagnant increase to 12 participants recorded in 2012.


At Present


Our organization has increased to 31 participants last recorded in December 2013. The Board of Directors along with the Executive Director decided before the turn of 2014 to incorporate a fresh - innovative prospective for the new year. This led to the implementation of our premiere program "Innovation to Community Development". This program consolidates our After school program under one umbrella accompanied by a myriad of innovation program services.






We have outlined several goals for our long-term prospective that incorporates not only the growth of our organization, but the growth of our program participants in each sector. The following are "Snap Shots" of the things we want to accomplish over the next 5 - 10 years.



>  Large scale Program Campaign throughout disadvantage/economically distressed regions to market our premier program (“Innovation to Community Development”) to acquire at-risk participants.


>  Increase our community and educational partnerships to a minimum of 25 entities, in addition to the ones we have already solidified.


>  Establish our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) program component as a primary 21st Century afterschool source to “Title I” Schools in Maryland’s 4th Congressional District and DC Metropolitan area.


>  Provide a “Grass Roots” Social/Emotional Family Intervention & Mentoring component to at least 30% of families who occupy these distressed regions.


>  Effectively sustain a rigorous Workforce Development and Internship program component that will provide multi-disciplinary experience/exposure to emerging High School students and University Students, giving them opportunities to apply their skill-set on an international platform.


>  Facility Expansion that encompasses innovative concepts as it relates to solar energy building application, wind energy source application, state-of-the-art technology systems, “New Age” science center, research & information transfer space, business incubator leasing space, full scale recreation spaces and 21st Century Organizational/Educational space utilization.


>  Expansion of After School participant capacity to permanently transfer 80% of cost consumption from annual outside endowments or “Donors”, over to the organization’s revenue stream.

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