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Personal/Family Development Sector


Families are burden with declining finances, increasing debt and a lack of general/domestic communication skills. Many of these families inherit the same financial position as the generation that preceded them. Not only the lack of financial resources oppose the progression of individual families, but the lack of knowledge and training greatly contribute to this continuous cycle of challenges. Correspondingly, the children that succeed this generation falls victim to the same peril. As a point of interest, research has shown that arguments about money are a leading cause of marital separation and/or divorce. Prince George’s County has been heavily affected by the foreclosure crisis, and parents and children in LCM undoubtedly have seen this issue hit their own friends, families and neighbors. More importantly, the largest number of female-headed households with children in the Washington, DC, metro area resides in Prince George’s County. Particularly, these households are more vulnerable financially and emotionally, according to a 2010 report from the Washington Area Women’s Foundation. LCM has integrated rigorous family involvement and intervention to assist us in the development of our youth, as this is the most critical part of community development.

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